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Custom Dashboards: Child Account Access (Pixel Data)


I've been using Everest for some time now and have found that missing features from the custom dashboards could benefit organizations with multiple child accounts.

Currently, there is no way to query engagement data (Pixel Tracking) directly from the main account for child accounts. How it works now creates a scenario where multiple custom dashboards are needed to view reporting at a glance. It would be outstanding if the primary account could show the Pixel data via a custom dashboard.

I have submitted this as a feature request in the past, but there needed to be more votes to make it overly popular. 


Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

Anyone wanting to up-vote a Feature Request can do so by navigating to the Feature Request link at the bottom of any Everest page, clicking on any given feature, and giving it an importance rating using the three buttons at the bottom!