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QOTW - What is your go to Everest feature?

Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

This week, we would like to hear more about how you are using Everest and what are your favorite features of the platform! Mine are Engagement and List Validation.

Engagement is so versatile, you get insights into the way your subscribers interact with your emails. Once you start implementing Custom Properties/tags in your pixel, you are also able to filter the data based on your segments, campaigns, recipients' mailbox providers,... It is a great way to monitor what happens once your emails hit the inbox of your subscribers.

List Validation is a super useful tool to use if you want to re-engage safely some old segments safely by using bulk validation, you can also use List Validation at the email collection point via API to stop invalid email addresses to enter your database which is great, especially if you are experiencing a high hard bounce rate on your welcome emails/journeys.



Senior Customer Success Manager