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Seed Network Update - Removal of Cox & GoDaddy

Validity Team

We recently updated our seed network by removing two providers, Cox and GoDaddy. You may receive bounces for seeds related to these providers, which is expected. To ensure you do not receive bounces, please update your seed list and remove those seeds from your system. 

Additional information: In 2019, Cox terminated the option to create Cox email accounts for both new and existing customers. For more information from Cox, click here). As a result, we have lost communication with Cox and received no response to customer requests. Due to this, we have decided to discontinue coverage for this mailbox provider. Starting June 20, 2023, Everest seed coverage will no longer support Cox and universal Feedback Loop service will cease sending ARF reports for this mailbox provider.  

Additionally, GoDaddy, a hosting provider, moved its spam filtering to Office 365 in 2022. For more information from GoDaddy, click here. Since then, we have not seen any statistical difference in filtering between GoDaddy and Microsoft Office 365. To reduce redundancy in spam filtering, we will no longer provide visibility into GoDaddy. Alternatively, you can understand placement from GoDaddy-hosted domains through Microsoft Office 365.  

As always, let us know if you have questions!