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Can I add/remove specific email addresses to a suppression list?


Hi Scootch!
     My name is Pat Norman - I work for Lumen Technologies and we are testing BriteVerify for Salesforce to help us improve the quality of email addresses and mobile numbers we are receiving. 
     One question that has come up has to do with the capability to add/remove specific email addresses to a suppression list that BriteVerify can interrogate in real time. This would allow us to reject known "catch all" email addresses such as or and send a message back to the  BriteVerify Lightning component (even if the address is valid).

Can anyone comment on whether such a capability exists in the produce?
Thanks in advance!

Pat Norman


Validity Team

Hi @PatNorman , thanks for visiting the forum. I have asked our BV expert, @RayeM_Validity to assist you with your question. 


Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

Hello @PatNorman 

 As of now that feature is not available in BV for Salesforce. However that would make a great feature request.
You can access our feature request portal through your BV account. Click on your name at the bottom of the screen. In the window click the feature request option. Once you fill out the form it will make its way over to our product team. If you have any more BV for SF questions please feel free to make a post here on the BV community channel. If one of our helpful peers can not answer it, I will. 😄