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New DemandTools feature: Notifications

We are pleased to announce you can now receive notifications about your DemandTools run history and scheduled jobs.Feature Highlights: Create real-time Run History Event notificationsSchedule a recurring digest of activity with Run History Summary no...

Demand tool installation

We are facing an issue with the installation of the Demand Tool on our server VID. As per The installation guide the process requires uploading a certificate upon login. However, we are unable to log in directly to the server; instead, our users acce...

Error Merging Accounts with Shared Contacts

I'm using the DeDupe function in Validaity (Version: 5.34.0).  My merge is failing with this error message below.  I found this article which says DemandTools will auto handle this situation but I can't get it to work,.

Kish by Observer
  • 3 replies

*New* DemandTools Enablement Workshops

Need help getting started with DemandTools or want to explore new use cases? Exciting News! We recently launched a new DemandTools Enablement Workshop series aimed at helping users get the most out of DemandTools.   The DemandTools Enablement Worksho...

Field comparison in winner rules

Is it is possible to do field to field comparisons to identify winners the same way we use field comparisons to identify duplicates? For example I want to create a winning rule where the winner is the account with the closest address to the patent ac...

illy by Observer
  • 1 replies

DupeBlocker AutoMerge broken on Hyperforce

Since our org migrated to Hyperforce in February, the auto-merge scenarios (for contacts) have been broken. We contacted support and they say they know there is an issue with Hyperforce. How do I get this escalated since I am paying for a product tha...