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Unable to advance to the preview stage

I set up some selection conditions to narrow down the number of records that are being searched in my SF instance. One condition was set on the contact object and one condition was set on the account object. However, when I advance screens the "Previ...

Screenshot 2024-05-16 140901.png Screenshot 2024-05-16 141007.png Screenshot 2024-05-16 141111.png Screenshot 2024-05-16 141130.png
JS4506 by Observer
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Duplicate File Names

Does Demand Tools V have a way to help me to identify all of the files that I have in my Salesforce org that have identical names? And also near-identical names? (not objects such as accounts, cases, and contacts - I'm only trying to identify FILES w...

Resolved! How do I import ContentNotes with DTV?

Are there any posts already written for DTV on how to insert notes with to the ContentNote object?I've been trying to figure out to create new notes for the ContentNote object, which appears to require a file reference when importing.   Is there a wa...

Dedupe Address Grouping?

I am building out a dedupe scenario for lead records and I was wondering if there is a way to move address fields from a duplicate into the winner only if all of the winner's address fields are blank. I would like to treat address fields as a group. ...

Mike-B by Explorer
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DupeBlocker AutoMerge broken on Hyperforce

Since our org migrated to Hyperforce in February, the auto-merge scenarios (for contacts) have been broken. We contacted support and they say they know there is an issue with Hyperforce. How do I get this escalated since I am paying for a product tha...