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Email Solutions

Welcome to the Email Solutions forum. Collaborate and engage with others to learn how to best levera...

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Welcome to the BrightVerify forum. Collaborate and engage with others to learn how to best leverage ...

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Welcome to the DemandTools forum. Collaborate and engage with others to learn how to best leverage D...

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Export DTV Grid data with a common DedupKey

Hello,I'd like to import my grid data into SF to do some more refinement and exclusions based on child records and comparison of values between certain fields.  I plan to use SF reports for this and so I'd like to group a common DedupKey in SF.  The ...

Resolved! Mass Moving Stale Reports/Dashboards

I am using DemandTools 5.21 and cannot figure out how to move stale reports from one report folder to another for deletion. Which scenario category do I select? Is there a help document I can reference?  If not available, is it on the product roadmap...

Resolved! Organization of Scenarios

Wondering if y'all have ideas or suggestions on how to organize scenarios? Right now we are utilizing the star function but would love to see some folder capacity. 

CamilaN by Explorer
  • 3 replies

Can't update my DemandTools V to 24.1

I use two different computers for work - my laptop and my desktop - both on windows.  I was running DemandTools V v22 on both and when I opened it up I was notified there was an update to v24.1.  I downloaded the update and tried to install it on bot...

Nested IF Formulas

Is it possible to use a Nested IF Formula to set a field value in the Modify module?  And if so, is there a limit on the number of IFs you can nest?  When I tried creating one and I clicked the button to "Check Formula" my screen turn entirely white ...

Resolved! Old "Find IDs" module

Hey there! Was the old "Find IDs" module replaced with something that I have simply overlooked so far? I used to use the all the time on an older version, but have found myself doing mass VLookups too much lately and wondered if I was missing somethi...

ldano by Explorer
  • 5 replies

Java Certificate

I'm receiving error "Java Certificate Error Upon Login" when attempting to load DemandTools V, where do I obtain this missing certificate?

LAvery by Observer
  • 1 replies

UK deduping

Hi, does anybody have any suggestions for finding UK postcodes which are incorrectly formatted?  Usually no space in the correct place.  Also how to fix this.  Thank you

SheilaP by Observer
  • 3 replies
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