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Resolved! Data Storing

Question:  Does Validity/DemandTools store any data from Salesforce in the cloud?  Or does it simply analyze the data in real-time locally on your machine?

Resolved! 502 Error: Bad Gateway when logging into DemandTools

Hi there. We are power-users of DemandTools. For a number of reasons, we still use DemandTools 2.9.1. We have multiple users, too.All of us are suddenly getting the same error message when trying to log in. This shows up in a DemandTools error messag...

How do I import ContentNotes with DTV?

Are there any posts already written for DTV on how to insert notes with to the ContentNote object?I've been trying to figure out to create new notes for the ContentNote object, which appears to require a file reference when importing.   Is there a wa...

Resolved! Missing Engagement Points and Missing Business Segmentation

Hi again - since this is a little different than my earlier post thought I would post this one separately. Anyway, this time I'm not really sure what Missing Engagment Points and Missing Business Segmentation is. So, would love to know. Lastly, would...

bhare1357 by Frequent Contributor
  • 2 replies

Resolved! Mass Moving Stale Reports/Dashboards

I am using DemandTools 5.21 and cannot figure out how to move stale reports from one report folder to another for deletion. Which scenario category do I select? Is there a help document I can reference?  If not available, is it on the product roadmap...

Resolved! In Modify Module use nested if to update a field

Hi All,Am building a nested If statement to update a field based on the values of two fields:IF(OR($(FIELD_A)="VALUE A" & $(FIELD_B)<>"VALUE X'",$(FIELD_B)="NEW VALUE",IF(OR($FIELD_A)='VALUE B" & $(FIELD_B)<>"VALUE Z", $(FIELD_B)="NEW_VALUE_1", ETC))...

pgiovane by Enthusiast
  • 2 replies

dupeblocker or statements

Hi everyone, I am new to using dupeblocker. I want to create a Scenarios that includes looking for match if the contact email 1 matches email 2 or 3 or 4 or if any of emails matches each other. How would I create that rule?

v_pagan by Observer
  • 1 replies