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Export DTV Grid data with a common DedupKey



I'd like to import my grid data into SF to do some more refinement and exclusions based on child records and comparison of values between certain fields.  I plan to use SF reports for this and so I'd like to group a common DedupKey in SF.  The export file I get out of DTV does not give me a common DedupKey.  Part of the string is common but the entire string is not.  How can I export common DedupKey values in DTV among the duplicate pairings?


Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

Hi @dbennett,

When you Export Grid Data in the Dedupe module of DemandTools 5.x, you should have a column that lists the DedupeKey.  You can also view the key, in the preview grid, by hitting the pancake symbol next to any column, then selectin the woffle looking symbo, and then searching for the keyword DedupeKey.



Here's my exported file from DemandTools 5.x and the column labeled DedupeKey.



If you are unable to perform this, please reach out to Support by using this form.

Anthony Lardiere Jr
Senior Customer Success Manager

Thanks Anthony.  I also get the dedupkey exported, but my keys are not identical values.  Even in your example, the 3rd pair down does not have identical values.  Why are pairs identical and others are not?