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@Anonymous, @AnthonyValidity can we add polls to the community and vote for ideas?
We don't expect all to be implemented at once but it'd give an idea on what we, as users, want.

To this end, can we have a link of the community forum to the top  of

yes, Help Center is included but in most cases, questions could be answered by other members especially on How Tos scenarios.

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Validity Team

@SummerinGreece thanks for the ideas.

We are definitely looking to "Market" the new Customer Community within the Validity site, which would include that area. This being a "soft-launch", we are waiting a little bit before we do that though. I would also like to add that we plan to provide links within the new Help Center as well, which also went through a very thorough redesign recently, if you have not seen it, please check it out. As you may notice, it is very much aligned from a look/feel standpoint with the Community. 

As far as polls are concerned, that is definitely in the works as well! Keep the ideas coming.