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Scheduling Jobs

Frequent Contributor

Hello all,

What's the best way to scedule jobs to run end of the day and/or during weekend?
Currently, I'm not really fond of the V Release as certain things I tried never worked, yet it could be me and not the tool... has anyone done that and if so can you please share some exampls of the routine tasks you automated?

Best regards,



Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

Hi @SummerinGreece, I am sorry to hear that certain features in DemandTools V are not working for you as expected - if you continue to encounter these issues, please be sure to open a support ticket using this form. This will allow us to troubleshoot and resolve the issue for you moving forward.

In reference to scheduled jobs I often see users batch scenarios together that rely on each other to run in succession, such as an Account Dedupe scenario followed by a Contact Dedupe scenario. Additionally you could schedule a Modify job to standardize your data prior to running your Dedupe scenarios; the possibilities are really endless!

When you choose to run these jobs is ultimately going to be a personal preference, you just want to make sure that you are logged into DemandTools & connected to the internet while these are running. If you intend to continue to running additional scenarios manually, I would suggest having the scheduled jobs run at the end of the day if possible - this will allow for those manually run scenarios to process as quickly as possible.

I hope this helps!


Jonathan Greenip
Customer Success Manager


Great tips! thank you

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I'd like to follow along with this thread! I want to use the "Jobs" function more, I'm just not sure of some good use cases for it. Possible future webinar??