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Validity Community Badges

Validity Team

We are excited to announce that we have begun to add badges to Community profiles to recognize your achievements. Our badge program was designed to recognize Community members who contribute regularly to the success and vitality of the Validity Customer Community and everyone within it.

Badges are only available to Validity customers who actively contributes their skills and knowledge to the Community. As our Community grows, our list of available badges will also grow! Our initial list of available badges are displayed below:




Our initial badges are based on your activity within the Community. 

Engagement Badges

The 1st group of badges are based on the # of times that you log in to the Community. Starting with the initial “Welcome” badge, moving all the way up to the “Super User” badge.

The 2nd and 3rd group of badges are associated with “liking” posts. You can both “Like” another members post, and you can also receive “Likes” from others. The more that you give and receive, the higher the number you will have you your badge.

The 4th group of badges are achieved through others recognizing your posts as an Accepted Solution. The more that others find your content helpful, the higher that you will be able to rank up.

Content Contribution Badges

The 5th group of Badges are based upon how many times that you Start a “Conversation” or thread on the Community.

The 6th group of badges are based upon how many times that you “reply”, or “Contribute” to these discussions that are happening on the Community.

Specialty Badges

The Last set of badges that we launched are currently our “Founding Member” and “Initial Member” badges. These badges were awarded to those of you who helped us to start this Community from the ground up. We will continue to grow these types of badges, so as I mentioned in the initial post, keep an eye out on this thread for when we launch those.

We hope that you are as excited as we are with this program launch. As mentioned above, we will continue to add badges to the Community which you can qualify for, so keep an eye on this thread, as this is where we will post an additions.



Validity Team

DemandTolls forum contest / Badges

The first 5 community members who earn the Conversation Starter (5) Badge will be rewarded with DemandTools Swag! That’s right we will send you a DemandTools T-Shirt and Water bottle just for earning the Conversation Started badge as a reward for posting new topics in the DemandTools Forum.

Contest starts on 5/17. Happy posting!


How exciting!