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DemandTools Ask Me Anything Series

Validity is excited to introduce the DemandTools Ask Me Anything Online Event Series in the Validity Community. These sessions enable DemandTools experts and customers to connect, support each other, and provide valuable insights into DemandTools.

Who can participate in the DemandTools Ask Me Anything Online Event?

We invite all Validity Customers who are registered members of the Validity Customer Community to participate in the DemandTools Ask Me Anything Series. Note: You must be a registered community user, customer, or employee to participate.

Not a member? Get started here.

What is the DemandTools Ask Me Anything Online Event Series?

Our AMA events are an Interactive online Q&A session designed to help DemandTools users get direct access to our knowledgeable DemandTools subject matter experts that will help enrich your journey. Each month, we will have different experts from various parts of the business and will focus on a variety of topics.

What are the benefits for customers?

  • Enhance your expertise with DemandTools
  • Connect with DemandTools experts and peers
  • Earn Special Edition Community badges and swag

How can I participate?

Community users have three weeks to post questions on our pre-selected topic in the DemandTools Forum leading up to each session. Then, a 1-hour interactive online Q&A session will be held, where subject matter experts will answer these questions.

Upcoming AMAs in the Validity Community?

Stay Tuned for our next AMA event. We'll make sure you don't miss it!

Previous AMAs in the Validity Community?

March 14, 2024: Special Access to our Product Management and CSM Leaders.

Aja Sanders

Manager - Customer Services Managers, Data Services


Hi, I’m Aja Sanders, the manager of the Data CSM team here at Validity. Elliot and I are so excited to attend the upcoming Ask Me Anything session to get all your burning DemandTools questions answered. Some background on myself: I’ve been on the Validity CSM team since 2019 and have enjoyed serving customers for the past 25+ years of my career. On the days I’m not found at Validity digging into DemandTools and satisfying my passion of providing exceptional customer service, you’ll most likely catch me on the beach (I’m a Florida resident) reading a good book or shopping at the nearest vintage store or rummage sale. I can’t resist snatching up on old item at a cheap price and bringing it back to life by turning it into something new and unique.

Elliot Hogg

Product Manager


Hi, I’m Elliot Hogg, Product Manager at Validity for the DemandTools product family. One of the best parts of my job is speaking with our incredible customers to inform future product development and innovation within DemandTools… so I’m really looking forward to this AMA alongside Aja!
Previously, I’d spent multiple years as part of Validity’s consulting team working with some of the world’s largest organizations to devise and execute strategies that move the needle whilst ensuring sustainable and effective data strategies. Now as the Product Manager for DemandTools, I’m focused on ensuring Validity continue to drive the data quality management ecosystem forward within this age of data and AI.