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2024 DemandTools Training Schedule Posted

Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

🚀Join us in the new year for a series of DemandTools Training Sessions aimed at getting users skilled up on key DemandTools modules and concepts. In addition to our traditional module training sessions, we will be introducing 🌟 new 🌟 special sessions related to key topics.  

Register today and drop a note below letting us know what sessions you are most excited about. We are kicking things off with a special Assess overview on January 4, 2024. 

Full Training Calendar
Training Event Hub

New Sessions Include: 

- How to Use Assess to Gauge Data Quality in Your CRM
- Improve Record Matching with Comparsion Types
- Identifying Malformed Data
- Scenario Management
- CRM Data Management Basics: A Step-to-Step Guide to Data Management 
- Using Scheduled Jobs for Automation ​

Our phenomenal DemandTools Training Team will be the trainers for all of these sessions: @AnthonyValidity @JonG_Validity @Tony_Validity @Sophie_Validity @TarsaF_Validity