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Concatenate a related child object picklist values to a multi-select picklist value on the parent


Is there a way in DemandTools to concatenate a related child object picklist value to a multi-select picklist value on the parent?  I thought I could with Modify, however I can't find the solution.  


Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

Hi @Chooper ,

Yes, you are able to add multiple values to a multi-picklist from the child object to the parent object in Modify.  Since DemandTools 5.x can only look up to related objects, you would choose the child object in step 1.

In step two, you would write a formula that is updating the parent object, and if there are values already on the parent object's picklist, you would want to reference that field in the formula.  Example:

CONCATENATE(${Account.Fruit__c}, ";", ${Account_Score__c})

The multi-picklist field on my account is called Fruit.  It already had a few selections, but I wanted to add the value found in the Account Score (I know doesn't make sense but stay with me).  I referenced the original field in the formula, and then added a semi-colon in quotes as one of the values that I'm adding. 

Hope this helps! 

Anthony Lardiere Jr
Senior Customer Success Manager