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Resolved! Accessing Log files

Instructions state to access log files go to Help-troubleshooting-app logs. It also states that the logs are stored on my PC but I can't find the path AppData - Roaming - Validity Demand Tools - Logs. Can someone possibly point me in the right direct...

JeanM by Explorer
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DT V Levels of SFDC Object Data

Hi,Is any one else having issues when trying to drop down Objects in DT V? Currently I have numerous Mass Impact Jobs in 2.9 where I I drop from 1 object to another and then to another. Unfortunatly I can't do this in DT V and I don't know when a sol...

jsteel by Explorer
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Resolved! Matching on Account Name challenge

Hi Community - first time poster after some DT wisdom I'm using the Dedupe module to try and clean up some duplicated Account records but have found a challenge I can't seem to get working...I have a scenario where I'm matching on Account Name and Ac...

Hoops by Enthusiast
  • 2 replies

Sandbox Login with Custom Domain

I accidently logged out of my sandbox DemandTools instance. When I try to login again using custom domiain the page goes blank.  I have no issues getting back to production or application settings.Any ideas?

Resolved! County Field

We have a county field on the account form that we like to keep populatedHow would you suggest that we use VDT to manage this field so it gets populated to the county that goes with the zip code on the account . I have a way to do this today, but wou...

BBF by Contributor
  • 3 replies

Resolved! Breaking down a Scenario into batches

I was wondering whether the following is possible and if so, how the best way may be to go about it.I have a large number of records which need updating, whilst I could easily do this in one hit, there is however a knock-on effect of updaing these re...

New DemandTools Newsletter

Hey all, Please make sure to check out the new DemandTools Newsletter today!  As you may remember, this was a monthly publication which took a short hiatus the beginning of the year. Well we are now back and hope that you enjoy. You may notice a lin...

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Today's Import Training: Recording & Resources

We had a great crowd for today's Import session.  Below is a link to the recording of the session as well as some resources that will help you get started.   If anyone has outstanding questions, please feel free to drop them below.  Session recording...