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DeDupe Process: Merging of Valid vs Invalid Phone Number

I have two custom fields in Salesforce: one is Sx Primary Phone and the other is Sx Primary Cell. When winning rules were applied to the final process, I noticed that the winning rule SX Primary Cell has the number 1111111111 while the non-winning re...

2024 DemandTools Training Schedule Posted

Join us in the new year for a series of DemandTools Training Sessions aimed at getting users skilled up on key DemandTools modules and concepts. In addition to our traditional module training sessions, we will be introducing  new  special sessions re...

Resolved! DemandTools V 5.33 Maintenance Release - 12/4/23

DemandTools 5.33 is now available! This maintenance release includes performance updates and bug fixes.   Feature Enhancements Dedupe: Performance enhancement when comparing millions of records to identify duplicates within a scenario. Bug Fixes Fixe...

Anonymous by Validity Team
  • 6 replies

Field Rules for DeDupe Process

Hi everyone,I'm new to this community forum and recently started diving into using an on-demand validity tool for my salesforce business needs. I'm working on the Dedupe process and came across this option called 'field Rule'. Could anyone please gui...

Resolved! Update Created Date

Hello,Need to update created date in a handul of opportunities.I have all the permissions, yet trying both Mass Effect and Power Grid doen's work. Is this possible through Demand Tools or do I need to revert to Data Loader?Thank you,Georgina 

Modify Certification

Hey everybody!I'm sure you're tired of hearing from me by now, but I have some more exciting news for your Tuesday morning (or afternoon )!As of today, we have officially released the DemandTools V Certification test for the Modify module - this test...

Resolved! Merging accounts when not Full System admins

Hello,we are starting a merging exercise in my org and the people performing the merges of the accounts will not be full admins.  Are there any watchouts on their profile for account fields and related objects we need to be careful about to make sure...

Ariane by Enthusiast
  • 1 replies

Resolved! Export Contact Record and Related Object Records

I am attempting to export a specific contact record through DemandToolsV (v5.31.0). When exporting this contact record information I would like to export any related object records (I.E. opportunities, assets, campaigns, etc) tied to the specific con...

mastrogr by Explorer
  • 3 replies

Exporting with Tune?

Heya folks,Recently updated to the newset version of Demand Tools and ran a small weekly audit I do in Tune. I normally export the results. When I ran it this week, I noticed the bottom Export button is gone and instead, it shows me a Pivot Mode tabl...

MarkM by Observer
  • 1 replies