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Cross Filters for Modify


Hello! I'm trying to set up an automation to modify records that are opportunities with GAU allocations that contain "merchandise" in the name and are 100%. Anything that fits this criteria, I would like the "type" to be changed to "merchandise." 

I'm able to pull this report in Salesforce, but am unsure whether this is possible in DemandTools.


Jenessa B.


Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

Hi @JenessaB! You should be able to accomplish this by using the Specified Value operation within Modify. It sounds like "GAU allocations" is a custom object/child object that you would like to condition/filter on? If that is the case, you should be able to select GAU Allocations as your "Object to Modify" in step 1 & add the necessary conditions within the Record Selection Criteria.

When you click to the Set New Values section & choose Specified Value, you'll choose any field either from the GAU allocation or Opp to modify. To choose a field from the Opp, you'll just need to expand the carat for the proper object as shown in the attached screenshot (I used Account in my example).


I hope this helps, but please let me know if I misunderstood.


Jonathan Greenip
Customer Success Manager