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DemandTools 5.40 Released – Featuring Reparented Merge!

Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

DemandTools 5.40.0 is now available!  🎉 This release includes the ability to reparent related objects in Dedupe, import content notes, and much more. Sign up now for our live Release Overview Session on July 11 to get a closer look at the enhancements.   

Tag your friends and colleagues and let us know which feature you are most excited to see in DemandTools V!   


New Features 

  • The ability to enable an additional, related, object in a scenario to identify duplicate records related to a merged winning parent record. 
  • For example, merging four Account records may consolidate duplicate Contact records to a single winning Account record. Users can now identify, and merge duplicate Contact records related to the winning Account record on a second Preview Grid in a single scenario.  



  • The ability to import note files accessible from the local machine to Salesforce via the ContentNote object. This currently supports .txt and .html files.  



  • The ability to create a completed task in Salesforce related to each reassigned record, configurable within Reassign Options. 



  • The ability to generate a secondary status for email addresses identified with a primary status of invalid. Includes email address invalid, domain invalid, account invalid and mailbox full invalid.  



  • The ability to refresh Salesforce metadata from the header settings cog when on the dashboard. This previously required a user to log out or restart the application.  
  • The ability to enable a filter in General Settings to hide scenarios created by Validity from the dashboard and all scenarios table, alongside the load scenarios modal. This setting is available per user and does not impact any existing operations of default scenarios, such as a scheduled job or run history.  
  • The ability to filter a scheduled job activity notification, configured in MyValidity, by the user making the scheduled job update.  



  • The Attachment, ContentVersion, ContentNote and Document objects can now be selected in the Match module.  


Bug Fixes 

  • Fixed an issue that resulted in a white screen or error that occurred when exporting preview grids containing related fields and/or multiple objects in Import and Modify.  
  • Fixed an issue that prevented importing more than 200 Attachments or Content Version documents.  
  • Fixed an issue that occurred in Dedupe where an error was shown related to duplicate keys while using cross-field matching.  
  • Fixed an issue where only 50 of the most recent runs were being presented on the Run History page.  
  • Fixed an error present in Match, Delete, and Import that was shown if there were multiple CRM user logins from within the same org on a single machine.   
  • Fixed an error that prevented scheduled jobs from merging encrypted fields.  
  • Fixed an issue in which scenario conditions were duplicated when adding multiple tags to a scenario.  
  • Fixed an issue where newly created Salesforce IDs are missing from the audit log while using Bulk API and serial mode with Import’s Insert operation.  
  • Fixed an issue where Bulk API batches were processing at 1,000 records, despite user selection of a batch size exceeding 1,000.  
  • Additional known issues addressed. 
  • For additional issues, if you have an open ticket with Validity Support, you will be contacted directly if this has been resolved as part of this release. 


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