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DemandTools 5.37 Released – Includes Expanded Formula Capabilities!

Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

DemandTools 5.37.1 is now available!  🎉 This release includes expanded formula capabilities, import enhancements and much more. Sign up now for our live Release Overview Session on May 15 to get a closer look at the enhancements.  

Tag your friends and colleagues and let us know which feature you are most excited to see in DemandTools V!  

New Features  

Expanded Formula Capabilities 

  • Ability to create, save and manage formula templates used within DemandTools modules in a centralized location. 
  • Ability to load formula templates into a formula Modify action and save existing formulas as templates for future use. 
  • Ability to apply formulas during Import field mapping and standardize data prior to Importing to Salesforce. Including loading formula templates and saving existing formulas as templates for future use. 
  • Ability to apply formulas templates to field values on the Tune grid. 


  • Ability to import Attachments and Content Documents (via the ContentVersion object) from an input file. 
  • Ability to add a constant value on Date and Time Fields as Time of Execution, populating the field with the applicable value from when the scenario was executed, rather than requiring a pre-determined value. 
  • Ability to map any read-only Salesforce field during field mapping. Read-only fields are set to "Do not update" but can now be used as Match Conditions in step 3. 


  • Ability to create OR grouping Child Object conditions in Field Aggregate and Record Count Modify actions. 

Cleanse Rules 

  • Ability to upload Cleanse Rules from a .csv, .xls, or .xslx file. Rules uploaded are tracked within a new audit log file directory. 


  • Navigate to Manage Winner Rules and Cleanse Rules from the DemandTools header. These options were previously within the settings cog dropdown. 
  • MyValidity Admins can now navigate to MyValidity Notifications management from the user dropdown in the top right. 
  • View a real-time error count for records failing to insert or update while processing an Import job, with an error icon presented on the preview grid for records with errors following partial job completion. 
  • Excel files exported from DemandTools containing checkbox, currency, date, date/time, time, and percent Salesforce field data types will now be correctly formatted in Excel. Previously all fields would export as General. 
  • Fields where blank values will overwrite an existing field value by a Modify Action will be highlighted in green on the Modify Preview Grid. 

Bug Fixes  

  • Fixed an issue preventing the migration of DemandTools 2.91 scenarios referencing related objects within field conditions or formulas. 
  • Fixed an issue in Field Rules where the FieldCopyUnique and FieldCopyUnique Overwrite overrides would provide inconsistent results when used in conjunction with the Combine Field Values option. 
  • Supported combinable field types are: Multipicklist, Boolean, String, and Text Area. 
  • If the field utilizing FieldCopyUnique is not one of these types, it will be copied as if the Combine Field Values option were not enabled. 
  • Fixed an issue in Dedupe that could very rarely produce an error when attempting to preview or merge record sets containing millions of records. This error would display as "chunk ### not found" or "connection terminated". 
  • Additional known issues addressed 
  • For additional issues, if you have an open ticket with Validity Support, you will be contacted directly if this has been resolved as part of this release. 

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