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How to exclude records from deduping based on Conditions


Hi All,
I am new to deduping - so sorry if this might be a super-silly question....
I am currently deduping accounts. Sometimes, we have two or more accounts with the same Name and address but with two different ERP Customer numbers which we need to retain both.
Is there a way how I can tell the system that I don't want to see these matching accounts in the list of results?
Basically, I am trying to set up rules for when accounts should NOT be merged.
Thanks for your help!

Regards, Daniela


Frequent Contributor

Not a solution but following. I have ran into this a lot with father/son same-name scenarios. It would be great to have conditions to set for these! 

Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

Hi @Dani,

Do you still want to see records without an ID and compare them to records that do?  If not, you can of course exclude records with information in that field by saying equals blank in the criteria area.

If you're still wanting to compare records with and without, together, but just not merge records that both have information that fields, you'll have to follow multiple steps.

  1. First run a scenario where that field equals blank and merge only records that do not have information in that field.  This is a easy scenario becuase you don't have to worry about merging records that both have information in the field.
  2. Run a second scenario and remove that initial condition where the field has to be blank.  Instead, you're going to change a setting on the second screen called "Filter Match Results."  You're going to enter criteria in there that states that the field equals blank.  This setting allows you to say that you want at least one record, in each match, to have a blank value.  This eliminates and pairs where both records have information in them.
  3. Finally, in the above scenario, you're going to do a Winner Rule that only includes that field.  You're going to say any record with a value in that field will be X amount of points.  You will also turn on score delta to be greater than the value.  This allows you to say if there's three records, two that have a value and one that does not, do not pick a winner for me.
  4. After you process the above scenario, you can run it again, and then manually choose winners and losers manually.

Hope this helps!

Anthony Lardiere Jr
Senior Customer Success Manager