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Modify field data


Hi...I'm new to Demand Tools V, but have used Demand Tools for years. I have a list (file) of bounced email addresses that I want to remove from Salesforce. I've already matched them up in Demand Tools, but I'm having a hard time figuring out how to remove them all. I've tried the "Import" option, then "Update", but stuck there in isolating the records on the file to only delete those. I don't want to delete the Contact record, only the email address within the record. Does anyone have any experience with this, or that can help me with this? Any assistance is greatly appreciated, thank you!!!


Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

Hi @Econ242 ,

You can use the fields that are greated by Salesforce when Bounce Management is turned on.  You can condition on your Modify module batch and say "Email Bounced Reason Not Equal to (leave value blank)."  This will pull any email that has bounced for any reason.

You would then use the action of "Specific Field."  You would select the email address field and leave the value blank.  This will then produce a list of bounced email address and then clear those out.  You can of course modify this scenario to your liking, in case you want to leave certain emails with certain reasons.


Anthony Lardiere Jr
Senior Customer Success Manager