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QOTD: What's your go to DemandTools Module?

Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

For today's Question of the Day, we want to know what your FAVORITE DemandTools module is? What is the module that saves you the most time or that you always find yourself leaning to?  I'll go first, mine has to be MATCH! I am always getting handed reports that are missing critical fields. Match lets me quickly go in and pull extra data so I can slice and dice my reports the way I need to.    



Dedupe.  So much more robust than Salesforce out of the box, and inevitably there are dupes to be merged.  I use this almost daily!

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Surprisingly, FindIds is an essential tool for me. I started by using it just to find contacts and leads using lists of names from Marketing. I love the ability to get ridiculously granular in my matching query. I've found over time that it is a great complement to other needs as well. During a recent M&A exercise, I needed to pull a subset of interrelated records. I was able to use FindIds to create discrete sets of records related to my core subset. Amazing! And just today, I used it to help me find the records causing errors merging Accounts, specifically where the non-master was the parent of the master, and where there were contacts on one account which were also indirectly connected to the second account. 

Such a power horse of a module! FID is the first module I used when I started using DemandTools 10 years ago.  So many use cases! 

Well, now I'm curious. I've not noticed a Find Ids module--is that Match?

Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

It is! FindIds is the legacy version of Match. It was renamed for DemandTools V Release. 


At this particular point the Dedupe feature has been a lifesaver for me and being that it is the only module I have worked with as of yet it is  clearly my favorite! 🙂

Yesss dedupe is definitly a must have. I don't know how people function without it  Also....if you are intrested in branching out and exploring other modules here is our list of upcoming live training and on-demand sessions



Tune is the one I use the most, they are all great but that is my goto 👍

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This is probably going to be an odd response but I really like the Assess module because you can get an overall picture of how things are in your org and its a good way to show others where the problems are!