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Retain all contact information on merge?


Hello! Trying to find a way I can retain the contact information (phone & address) when performing a merge? With neither being a combinable option in my salesforce, I'm trying to find a way to still retain all values when merging my scheduled scenario, any thoughts?


Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

Hey @ALarue, Yes! You can accomplish this by creating a field in Salesforce to populate the additional phone/address field and then using a Field Copy Unique Field Rule. In the example below, the losing record's phone number, if different from the winning record, would be populated on the Alternate Phone field of the winning record, upon merging. You also have the option to setup a scoring rule in the event there are multiple losing records, so you can deceipher which losing record's phone number should take priority. 



Is there a maximum number of fields we can have it apply? For example, if we apply this to an email field and an individual has 4 different email addresses will we be able to step down and have it check each email field against the surviving record and add/update the surviving record accordingly?

Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

Hi @Cyrus

The maximum number of fields to apply is one using Field Copy Unique but there is a manual multiple step workaround for retaining more than one losing field that I can send you directly. 


Tony Aponte
Customer Success Manager