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Tune & Import?


Hello everyone I'm working on a large batch of duplicate accounts; after exporting the csv file, is it feasible to alter fields in addition to choosing the winning account?



Can you provide a little more information on what you are wanting to do? Are you just asking about making changes to the fields in your export and then uploading those back to SFDC . . . in addition to having a way to set the Winning account as part of that?

If that's the situation, if you have the Account IDs in the export, you would be able to make changes in your export file and upload those back to SFDC.  If you are looking for a way to set the Winning record in some manual way based on that export . . . what I have done for years is that we have a checkbox field in SFDC called Master for Merge. Then I have another text field called Merge IDs. I update/upload that Merge IDs field with the 18 digit Account Id from the Winning Account on all the records I want to force into a merge group and then I set the Master for Merge checkbox for the one that I want to force as the Winning. When I use Dedupe, I match records based on that Merge IDs field and have a Master Rule that sets the record with Master for Merge checked as Winning. Probably sounds a little weird . . . but it works really slick for some of our merges where we know exactly what we want to merge and what the Winner needs to be regardless of other criteria--guarantees you only have records you want in Dedupe and lets you match up Accounts with different names, etc. such as for acquisitions or where other bad data makes matching difficult.

But if that's not what you were looking for input on . . . post up some more details and I'm sure someone here can make some suggestions.

Validity Team

Thanks @tafsfdc for your post and help/questions. @garciajovani_ I hope that you find this helpful.


with my limited knowledge using Demand tools, I've exported a batch of dedupe records that need to be merged but I would also like to make edits to certain fields so that when the accounts are merged the winning record has the most recent data. 

I was thinking of merging duplicates once that has been completed export all the accounts that have been merged and clean up certain fields but now that involves taking various steps. I'm curious to know if there's a way to save some time and export dedupes, set the winner, make modifications to certain fields, all at once?

Hi @garciajovani_ , I apologize that you haven't received a solution yet! I am hoping I can assist.

Within the Dedupe module, you will have the option to toggle on Field Rules (top right hand side of the Dedupe preview grid), which will allow you to specify which fields you'd like to retain on your winning record.

By default, DemandTools will never override fields on your winning record unless you specify within Field Rules. You will have the option to retain the field from either the newest record, or most recently modified record.


Let me know if you have any questions!


Jonathan Greenip
Customer Success Manager