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Email accessibility - Inbox Insiders webinar

Email accessibility is important—no question there. But how to actually implement it in your emails is much less clear. In the latest episode of Inbox Insiders, @JulieS_Validity  provided a step-by-step accessibility checklist, among other killer ema...

Resolved! Microsoft Throttling

Hi, how are you?My name is Lidia and I have been working with deliverability for the past 2 years. Recently I have experienced a late delivery on Microsoft for IPs with volumes tha pass 200k sents per day. I would like to hear for other professional ...

Lidia by Enthusiast
  • 3 replies

Seed Network Update - Removal of Cox & GoDaddy

We recently updated our seed network by removing two providers, Cox and GoDaddy. You may receive bounces for seeds related to these providers, which is expected. To ensure you do not receive bounces, please update your seed list and remove those seed...

New Everest Training Events

We are excited to announce the latest in customer training for the Everest Platform. Starting June 5, we will begin offering daily, 30-minute training sessions on the core modules of the Everest Platform detailed below. Led by our email experts, eac...

Everest Training Starts Today

Quick reminder that our new Everest Training Series starts today! You now have the opportunity to access Everest Training on key modules 5 days a week! More information here. We hope to see you there! Today at 11:30 am EDT, our very own Community SME...

Email Solutions forum contest / Badges

Hoping that you are all familiar with our Community Badges that everyone who is a member of the Validity Community is eligible for? If not, please read more here.  Email Solutions forum contest The first 5 community members who earn the Conversation ...

Updates to Validity's Domain Sensor Network

Hello,  We regularly evaluate and enhance the mechanisms behind our services to ensure our customers are getting the most value and having the best experience with our products. In early April, we implemented a new system that changed the way we coll...

New Community Question

Just curious if this is the place to learnn from others on overall email marketing, or just the tools and resources of Validity?  Looking forward to it either way.

HLNFan by Observer
  • 2 replies
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