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Did you know? Share tips and Industry knowledge with others

Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

I remember watching TV as a kid, I loved Schoolhouse Rock and how learning was fun. I think it was NBC which had a special after some shows that highlighted important facts and shared general knowledge - The More You Know. It was great!

We thought we'd start this thread and ask that you share YOUR knowledge with others.It can be any topic, tips and tricks you have to share around using the Everest tool, how Certification is helping your email program, or anything interesting going on in the industry that you'd like to share. 

Please join us! 




Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

Let me start with this one.....DYK that Apple is increasing privacy measures again with their iOS17 release later this year? What are your thoughts on impact to your email programs?
From Apple’s press release:
“Some websites add extra information to their URLs in order to track users across other websites. Now this information will be removed from the links users share in Messages and Mail, and the links will still work as expected. This information will also be removed from links in Safari Private Browsing.”

I hope that you find this helpful and encourage you to jump on in and share some of your knoweldge on this topic or any others!



Thanks for sharing @JulieS_Validity . I noticed this and felt a pang of dread. As an email marketer I think this means we need to adapt and think about other metrics to lean on when considering how successful our programs are. 

That said, I do think it's a positive move as this is the way things are going with transparency and protection of privacy etc. It's a call to action for marketers to be more transparent and to focus on creating genuine, value-driven content that resonates with users rather than overly relying on tracking.

Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

Thanks for chiming in, @Claire_Robinson ! I agree with you completely, it'll be a great opportunity for marketers to create a relationship with their subscribers! 
For anyone interested, we recently covered this topic on our State of Email Live webinar. You can check out the recording for more info.