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Populating the Reputation screen

We are experiencing set up issues and the resources provided are not helping.
We set up 3 profiles.
On the overview tab we see 1 blocklist, and 2 spam traps,  but it doesn't tell us to what.
Our sender score reputation section is also blank.

Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

Hi Jen,

Sorry to hear you're having some trouble with the reputation section of Everest. Can you tell us when you set up the monitoring profiles? There is generally a little bit of lag time when new profiles are added. It can take a few days for information to populate sometimes. 
Also, can you tell me what your average daily send volume is? If it's low, that can also cause a bit of a delay in what we see on that tab. 
You can see more details around the blocklisting and spam traps by clicking the 'view report' button. It looks like the spam traps are recycled addresses, which would indicate that you're sending to older, unengaged email addresses.

Finally, I'd like to invite you to our Everest Training series too. We meet each day of the week at 11:30ET to review different modules of Everest. Today (and every Tuesday) is the Reputation module and it'd be great to have you join us there! You can register for the session here.