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QOTD: How do you improve Deliverability?

Validity Team

How have you used Inbox Placement and Reputation to identify issues that led to improved deliverability?



Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

Both Inbox Placement and Reputation monitoring are great tools that help you monitor deliverability. Remember, delivery, which is what your ESP is able to share around how many emails were delivered to the various providers, is different from deliverability, which let's you know what happens to your email after it's been handed over to the mailbox providers. You can see deliverability info when you deploy to your Everest seed list. Would love to hear from our community too! Feel free to share how you're monitoring with Inbox Placement and Reputation monitoring!


We use Everest inbox placement on one of our monthly mandated email programs and have tried many different approaches to try and improve inbox placement for this one specific program. Unfortunately, we've not been able to move the dial and improve the results much. Although we haven't been very successful in big improvements, we do use Everest to monitor our efforts for every deployment.

Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

Hi @DMartz ,

I was thinking about this and wanted to follow up with you. Are you able to segment this mandated mail so that you're sending to your most recent email engagers first? As I'm sure you know, positive enagement is a major factor with deliverability. Does the content encourage any sort of click, is there a CTA you could maybe enlarge or change the language to encourage a click (not just "click here"). Also, curious if you've considered reaching those non-engagers through another channel or even through snail mail? Email is powerful for sure, but continued sending to unengaged subscribers can harm your reputation which would have a negative impact on other email deployments. 

Glad to hear you're monitoring it through Everest!