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Tips for applying Everest tools to Klaviyo automated flows?


Hi all,

I'm a longtime user of Valdiity/Everest in Maropost but only recently applied the tools for use with a Klaviyo e-comm oriented account. Sadly, Klaviyo is not (yet?) an integration so now I'm left asking for any tips or tricks/suggestions the community may offer for how best to apply the various Everest options to automated flows in Klaviyo -- I'm using them for one-off campaigns just fine and now I'd like to apply inbox monitoring etc to the flows.

Thanks in advanced for any suggestions offered!



Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

Hi @Clif 

Great question! Maybe someone from the Community will still chime in here, but I wanted to reach out and ask for a little more specific info on the flows you've mentioned. Do you mean sends that are triggered by a subscriber behavior? Or Transational type sends? 

If so, my recommendation is actually to send those templates as a one off to just the seed list occasionally, or only if you know they're having trouble. Typically those types of sends perform well because subscribers are expecting those messages and will often go looking for them in the spam folder if they don't receive them in a timely manner. Our seed email addresses are not engaging with your emails, rather they mimic what a newer user experience would be as far as how mailbox providers handle the mail. If we add ~100 non engaging seeds to a triggered send that is going out to only one user it can make the mailbox providers question your sending practices in a negative way. 

Hope that helps! Reach out if you have additional info or questions!