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How do you use BriteVerify?

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How do you use BriteVerify? 

We used to use BriteVerify as a stand alone tool but now have it as part of the Everest platform.

Are you bulk loading list or using the API?

We have mostly bult loaded lists every now and then and try recheck our whole database twice a year, we have recently started testing real time email address check through the API in one of our smaller markets which looks to be working well.



I use the bulk load and the option via DemandTools.  Depends on how I receive the data and where it will reside.  I run this every day and Marketing/Sales has become very reliant on the information!

I love to hear that our service is so useful to you, @LFoster !

Anthony Lardiere Jr
Senior Customer Success Manager


We use it every day!  Myself and another user in Marketing field requests, along with our own needs, to append/load/update data on a daily basis.  We use it to standardize our data and keep the email addresses verified (#Briteverify).  

As soon as the SDFC window is open on my computer, the DemandTools is opened next.  

One of the best values of DT is I use it to match data from other systems and audit the information every month.  Without it I would be at least two weeks manually reviewing using spreadsheets.  Now I can complete it in about 2 days.  This includes 100k+ of data rows.  

I also use it to load financial data which has approx 50 fields per record.  The scenarios keep me organized and I can quickly load the information.

I have survived 15+ years within SFDC thanks to DemandTools!