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Realtime Verification with Salesforce


Hello all!  I know I am not the first one to do this so hoping I can get some pointers in the right direction. I want to setup real-time verification when a new Lead or Contact is added to Salesforce.  We are using the managed LWC component which is great if the new record is created interactively.   I am trying to cover the use case where the Contact or Lead is programmatically created or uploaded --- when using the LWC component only the email is not actually verified until that new record is displayed in the Lightning Record Page.

I know I have got to be making this much harder than it needs to be - could you let me know how you have solved this problem?   Thank you so much!

I have tried:

  • Apex action from Flow; On create, the transaction is not yet saved, so we use a future callout in apex, but the future callout does not support a return string (to get the BriteVerify status). 
  • using the new HTTP callout in flow but that only supports GET, but the BriteVerify API requires POST.
  • using an External Service, but I need a full schema from BriteVerify to set that up.

Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

Hi @debweller ,

Hopefully someone from our amazing community will be able to help you with the flows, etc, inside of Salesforce.  

I can help you with suggestions though:

If you were to get DemandTools 5.x, you could use the Verify module on a scheduled basis to catch any new records created.  The Verify module allows you to condition on Contacts and Leads and stamp those records with a status from BriteVerify and the date/time (custom fields).


Another option that may help you is our Bulk API.  You can find information on our GET API in the Bulk API section - I think you'd be interested in v2.  Here's the guide:

Hope this helps!


Anthony Lardiere Jr
Senior Customer Success Manager