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Assess Tool - run time averages?


Hi everyone!

Our database has about 3 million records (Leads, Accounts, Contacts).  I ran the Assess tool for the first time in early March and it ran for 12 hours before providing restults.  I ran it again at the start of April (using fewer criteria) and it still ran for 12+ hours and ended up failing.  We do have a Salesforce lockout at 10pm - 3am, so it may have failed due to that.  To my knowledge there wasn't a huge increase in records added to the system that would cause it to run longer than the first time.  Running Assess doesn't give you a progress bar (I submitted a feature request for that), so it's very difficult to tell how close your job is to finishing or if it seems -stuck- along the way at any point.  Does anyone have any experience with Assess and what some average process times look like?  Is12 hours considered normal for a large database or could it be my internet connection or processor speed that's affecting things.  I've submitted a ticket to support with the error log, but not sure that will point to why it takes so long.  






Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

Hi @lfenimore,

It looks like Support would be the best avenue for this type of inquiry.  They mentioned that you could increase the CRM timeout setting by going to the cogwheel > General Settings > CRM Timeout.  You can increase it up to 10 minutes.

Processing speeds, of course, are dependent on your CRM size, local resources such as RAM, and local network speeds as well as ISP and Salesforce speeds.  

I would try the suggestions by Support and see if that eliviates some of your problems.

Anthony Lardiere Jr
Senior Customer Success Manager