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DemandTools V - 5.25.8 Released! (You're gonna want to read this!)

Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

Happy Monday! DemandTools V 5.25.8 is now available.  We are very excited about some of the features that made it into this release. 😍  A list of feature enhancements and bug fixes is below.  Let us know which new DemandTools V Release feature you are most excited to see. 


Feature Enhancements
  • Convert: Support for input file as a source for Lead conversion. 🎉
  • Reassign: Support for input file as a source for record reassignment. 🎉
  • Dashboard: View Record Activity for the past 30 days across Dedupe, Import and Modify. 🎉
  • Dedupe: Customize merge operations with Child Object Selection by selecting the child objects you would like included or excluded from the merge operation. Also allows disabling of Salesforce Merge for supported objects. 🎉
  • Import: Select whether to allow blank values in the import source to overwrite existing CRM data. 🎉
  • Import: When Importing from a file, all fields within the source file are added to the Upsert and IdSave log. 🎉
  • Modify: Modify Actions can be reverted to their pre-Modify state using the Undo button found in the Run History table. 🎉
  • Modify: A new Modify Action “Touch Records” allows users to update the LastModifiedDate field on a record without making any modifications to other field values. 🎉
  • Import & Modify: Users are now able to add an additional value to the picklist when setting a Constant in Import, or Specified Value in Modify. This function is only applicable when the “Restrict picklist to the values defined in the value set” setting in Salesforce is disabled. 🎉
  • Match: Use additional data sources within the Match module. These data sources include Salesforce, Salesforce Sandbox, Dynamics, MySQL, MSSQL. 🎉
  • Cleanse Rules: Use the Propercase Override tab to provide strings which will remain unchanged when transforming data when using a propercase name formula. 🎉
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where DTV was presenting a blank loading screen and a network error when loading on a Mac.
  • Fixed an issue In Import and Match where users were unable to select different worksheets for an .xlsx file.
  • Fixed an issue in Import where field mappings were cleared when switching between worksheets with the same column headers.
  • Fixed an issue in Import where date values were being set one day prior in Salesforce when compared to the date value in the input file.
  • Fixed an issue in Import where Match Step names were being renamed based upon a scenario’s save date and time.
  • Fixed an issue in Import where Export Grid Data only contains Headers for Update and Upsert operations.
  • Fixed an issue in Reassign that occurred when the OwnerName was set as a condition, causing the process to be non-responsive.
  • Fixed an issue in Dedupe where the Merge Records modal was not progressing beyond 0%.
  • Additional known issues addressed
  • For additional issues, if you have an open ticket with Validity support you will be contacted directly if this has been resolved as part of this release.

DemandTools V 5.25.8 Release notes


Validity Team

Hey all,

I just wanted to post this additional update that we just released 5.25.10. This was a very small release. 


Bug Fix
  • Fixed an issue in Import where when doing an Update or Upsert operation with multiple objects, matching records are not identified in the first object selected by the user.

Thanks for reading and we hope that you found this post helpful.