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Dedupe Address Grouping?


I am building out a dedupe scenario for lead records and I was wondering if there is a way to move address fields from a duplicate into the winner only if all of the winner's address fields are blank. I would like to treat address fields as a group. Either all of them are brought over to the winner or none of them are.

If I use 'Update if Empty' on all address fields, I could run into the following problematic scenario:

The winner record has all address fields populated except for the State. The duplicate record has State populated, and so it is passed to the winner. Once the records are merged, the full address value is now invalid.


Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

Good question @Mike-B. The best way I see this working would be to set a Field Rule custom score that is dependent on another one of the populated address fields.

For example, the rule below, I am saying I want the Billing Street of the record that has the Billing State Populated. So in this example, if the losing record had just a Billing Street and no State, then it would still keep the address from the record where the street is blank in the event the State IS populated. Make sense? 



I just configured and tested it the way you described and it worked like a charm. Thanks so much for the quick response!

Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

Hi All,

We discussed this on What is DemandTools Expert Office Hours? today.  We're going to have Mike setup a custom scoring on all address fields.  He is going to use, for example, "Street Address is populated equals 1 point".  He will be doing the full list of address fields on each individual field so that the winner is always consistent.  

He wanted to be sure that the entire address from the Winning records wins or Duplicate record depending on if the address was complete or not.

Hope this helps!

Anthony Lardiere Jr
Senior Customer Success Manager