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Demand Tools V


I have been involved with data management for almost 30 years now and can honestly say that Demand Tools is as close to perfection as I have seen and has been one of my most important tools for what I do. However, Demand Toos V is not what I have come to rely on.

I was devasted to see the new interface and am deeply concerned about where to go from here. Because I am the only one in my company to use Demand Tools I have had to convince management of the cost benefit of this application. I can no longer do that. This change will affect years of work that I have accomplished and will take a great deal of effort and time to just get back to where I am today.

If at all possible I stongly urge Validity to rethink this conversion until it can be made with the previous interface preserved.


Validity Team

@gallen ,

Thanks again for your feedback. I hope that you feel that we are listening to you and that we are taking your feedback seriously. I did hear that the migration team did reach out to you. 



We are feeling the same pain. There is a tremendous loss of functionality and some very marignal gains. I also urge validity to seriously reconsider and rebuild as close to 2.91 as possible. 


I agree. I am a long time data professional.  The DemandTools V interface is restrictive and a painful step away from the power and functionality of the 2.91 version.  I am an early adopter of new technology, I don't feel that my opinion is coming from the point of view on not wanting to change or a training issue.  'V' is simply not as easy to work with for large scale data maintenance and cleaning support.