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DemandTools Workshops: Now Available On-Demand

Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

Exciting news! Our new DemandTools workshops are now available on demand. We designed these sessions to give you the skills and strategies to effectively clean and maintain your data using key DemandTools modules. If you are new to DemandTools or trying to design an overall data governance strategy - these sessions are a great starting point. And remember - we offer these sessions live each week as well. Register today!


DemandTools Workshop Series 

Data Cleansing Workshop  
Learn how to design an effective deduplication strategy using the Dedupe and Convert modules.    

data cleansing.png


Data Maintenance Workshop 
Identify problematic data in your org and create a data maintenance strategy using Modify, Tune, and Schedule.     


data maintenance.png


Data Loading Workshop 
Learn how to best leverage the Import module to ensure data entering your org is clean and duplicate free.    


data loading.png