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DT V Import Preview Step Fails with Java Heap error - Please help


I have an Import scenario in DT V (v5.36) that uses a small file (250 records) to match against a full sandbox in order to update Accounts matching the Account Id. I am updating a couple of fields. This scenario runs fine against a small sandbox but when we port it to full sandbox the scenario fails with a Java Heap Error in the Preview step. The file is being matched against about 500K accounts. 

I tried increasing the CRM timeout and also checking the Bulk API checkbox but after running to about 14% the Preview fails with this error in the logs:

[2024-04-03 16:50:18.927] [info] [demand-tools-svc] 2024-04-03 16:50:18.923 ERROR 11409 --- [essageBroker-13] o.s.s.s.TaskUtils$LoggingErrorHandler : Unexpected error occurred in scheduled task
java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

2024-04-03 16:50:18.923 ERROR 11409 --- [ dt-taskRunner1] .a.i.SimpleAsyncUncaughtExceptionHandler : Unexpected exception occurred invoking async method: public void com.validity.demandtools.service.AsyncTaskRunner.asyncStartImportPreviewTask(,

java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

For a paid product I expected this to not be an issue. Does anyone have any suggestions how to overcome this? Is this a known bug?

Thank you!



Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

@DaizyLogikSHFB Please submit this request to For Technical errors such as this, that would be the best avenue for a solution. To help speed up the process, they'll likely require your log files as well. 

You can access the log file using the steps below. Help - Troubleshooting - App Logs.