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DTV slower than 2.91 ?


Hi everyone,

Hope you are well and happy to work on Demand Tool V (like me).

I recreate DT's scenarios in DTV and I could observe than DTV is slower than DT 2.91 (on Export Module). For example, to change the Order's status from Closed to paid, it take one hour for 4300 lines with DTV and about 30 minutes with DT 2.91. Do you have the same experience as me ? 

Do you know why ? 

It's is not a big issue but I just want to know if there is the same for you.

Have a nice day and enjoy DTV 🙂



Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

Hi @Marie06903 ,

I personally have not heard this before about the Export module.  I'm going to message you on the side so we can evaluate.


Anthony Lardiere Jr
Senior Customer Success Manager

Dear Anthony,

Thank you for your prompt reply. 

Sorry, my example is on Import Module in DTV....


Longtime 2.91 (and earlier) user and just getting feet wet with DTV. So far I have found Import (updating--like old MassEffect) to be FAR slower than 2.91. Validity support is currently helping to troubleshoot, but a really simple update that takes less than 10 seconds in 2.91 is consistently taking 2+ minutes with DTV. So we'll see if any answers come up on that, but yes . . . it seems painfully slower to me so far. Would be curious if others see the same. 

We're a large, old org with lots of data and triggers/processes/flows, so perhaps that's a factor with the redesign? But we loved how fast old tool was--new one seems to be struggling on speed, at least for us.