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DemandTools 5.28 Released - Includes 14 Exciting Feature Enhancements!

Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

DemandTools 5.28.0 is now available!  🎉 This release includes 14 very exciting Feature Enhancements that you are going to want to see.  We will be offering a live Release Overview Session in the coming weeks for a closer look at the enhancements.  Be on the lookout for more information related to that training. 

Tag your friends and colleagues and let us know which feature you are most excited to see in DemandTools V! 

Feature Enhancements 💥

  • Dedupe: Right click on any editable field on a duplicate record to select the winning field value to be retained in the winning record once merged.
  • Dedupe: Fields to be retained from Duplicate Groups on are now highlighted green on the Preview Grid. Wining fields may be determined using Field Rules, manual selection, and if no Field Rule is applied, Update if Empty.
  • Dedupe: Manage and merge duplicate groups identified by DupeBlocker scenarios in DemandTools, by selecting DupeBlocker as the scenario source.
  • Dedupe: Share Dedupe scenario configuration to DupeBlocker, including Record Selection Criteria and Matching Conditions.
  • Dedupe: Export IDs for Winner and Duplicate records identified in Dedupe.
  • Dedupe: Highlight a Contact record's Full Name field on the Preview Grid, when associated to Partner/Customer Portal or Community users. This must be enabled from General Settings.
  • Field Rules: Create an identical copy of a Field Rule by using the duplicate Field Rule option in Manage Field Rules.
  • Winner Rules: New and improved Winner Rules Management, which is now accessible from the settings and configuration dropdown, including visibility into rules across all Objects.
  • Winner Rules: Create an identical copy of a Winner Rule by using the duplicate Winner Rule option in Manage Winner Rules.
  • Import: Use Winner Rules to define winning records when multiple matches are identified when using Match Conditions.
  • Convert: Use any custom created Winner Rules when multiple Lead matches are identified. Historically only Oldest, Newest, and Last Modified Record Rules were available.
  • Modify: Filter the Preview Grid by records which have been Modified by a Modify Action.
  • Bulk API: Adjust Batch Size used by the Bulk API and enable Serial Mode within General Settings.
  • Record Processing: Queries can now include five times more characters.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue in Dedupe where Undo Merge was not available for certain scenarios that met the requirements for Undo operations.
  • Fixed an issue where operations including fields with polymorphic relationships were not completing successfully.
  • Fixed an issue in Dedupe where if the Add Prefix Merge Option was enabled and the merge operation failed, DemandTools was reporting a successful merge.
  • Fixed an issue where, when sharing a scenario with a Winner Rule that existed in both orgs and overwrite Winner Rules was enabled, the Winner Rule would not overwrite and the share would fail.
  • Fixed an issue in Import where related object fields selected in Fields to Show were not displaying on the Preview Grid.
  • Fixed an issue where the Owner.IsActive field was not available when selecting related fields to the Case object.
  • Fixed an issue when updating DemandTools on a Mac where the application was not successfully restarting following an update install.
  • Fixed an issue in Import where fields on the Account object were not being updated after new Contacts were inserted.
  • Additional known issues addressed.

For additional issues, if you have an open ticket with Validity Support, you will be contacted directly if this has been resolved as part of this release.

Release Notes 



I had heard "Custom Merge" was coming in this release . . . was really hopeful it was going to be on par with 2.91 custom merge function where you'd get a nice, color coded grid with all the fields automatically aligned/compared to see what was the same and what was different between Master and Losing records (and what wasn't populated at all--which automatically dropped to the bottom of the grid so you could ignore them completely) with the ability to easily "paint" the field values you wanted to keep or combine. Looks to me like what was released isn't even close. Seems like you now have the ability to rt click to select a value to keep . . . but you'd have to first add all the fields in the object yourself and "stare & compare" on your own with a much less user-friendly grid setup to review and set the values. And that wouldn't automatically drop fields not populated at all to the bottom.

Let me know if I'm missing something with what was released as I'd love to be wrong here--but I have to say this feature's release was a big letdown if what I think I'm seeing is "it" for custom merge.


Hi @tafsfdc,

Thank you for downloading the new release of DemandTools and beginning to explore the newly released functionality. Your feedback is really appreciated, and will be taken into consideration as the DemandTools product team continues to evolve how users can interact with their Duplicate Groups on the Preview Grid.

Specific to one of your comments, relating to painting field values which selected manually to be retained. There is an issue currently being addressed by our product and engineering team where winning fields selected to be retained, when not on the winning record, are not being painted green. We anticipate a new version of DemandTools to be released shortly to address this.

I would be more than happy to continue this conversation with you, please feel free to Direct Message me by accessing my profile.

Thanks, Elliot