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DupeBlocker - What Am I Missing?

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So I just realized that have Dupeblocker as part of our DemandTools subscription. I had access to it in a past life but didn't really see the benefits of it.

I just installed it into my sandbox environment - what is the coolest thing about DupeBlocker that I need to configure first?

Sarah Orens | Salesforce Administrator
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Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

@CRMSarah If you have any rigid dedupe scenarios built in DemandTools that work for you, I would definitly recommend recreating one of those as a DupeBlocker scenario as an inital test. Lead object is a great place to start. Also, it depends on who is creating records in your org. If you have a lot of web to lead forms, a scenario to catch dupes there could be helpful or if you have reps creating records, something to catch those dupes. 

If you think about the old Lake Saleforce analogy - DemandTools/Dedupe is really the dredger at the bottom of the lake that cleans the big piles of dupes that build up over time where DupeBlocker is more like the umbrella that catches the one off droplets that can also build up over time! 

Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

Also, here's a great training that our CSM @AnthonyValidity delivered recently to help get ou started.