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Field comparison in winner rules


Is it is possible to do field to field comparisons to identify winners the same way we use field comparisons to identify duplicates? For example I want to create a winning rule where the winner is the account with the closest address to the patent account.


Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

Hi @illy, at this time this is not possible when utilizing Winner Rules - I would highly suggest creating winner rules based on some other fields that you'd like to prioritize when merging records. Following the merge, if you'd like to ensure the child account's address matches the parent account, you can always use another module such as Modify to copy the address values from the parent record to the child record using the Field to Field action.

Additionally, we absolutely value your feedback and suggestions so I would love for you to submit this as a feature request following these steps. These feature requests are submitted to our product team for review to determine what features would be a great addition to the DemandTools V platform. While you're viewing the feature request portal, feel free to vote for some other suggestions that have already been posted!


Jonathan Greenip
Customer Success Manager