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How do I reassign ownership based on an xls?


I have an xls that has been reviewed by leadership with lead owner changes.

They are well trained so I have the user (ownerID) in the xls.

I have tried using both Import/Update as well as reassign. When I use import/update it just doesnt do anything at all.

For the reassign module:

In the old interface I was able to reassign using an xls. I cannot find where to do this from in the new interface. I also cannot find any info in the knowldege around this either.

Can someone help? I need to get a set of records reassigned by 9am tomorrow EST so I am in panic mode


Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

Hello @HWhis 

Welcome to the Validity Community and thank you for your post!

Your steps to reassign records for using the Import module performing an update operation sound correct.

I was able to use the Import module with an update operation to change the owner of my lead records.

1. In the XLS file I have a column for lead id which contains the Lead's Salesforce Record Id and a column for the owner id which contained the Salesforce User Id.

2. I load the xls file in the Import module, select update as my operation, key field as my method and lead as my object

3. I map the Id column => Lead ID [id] and map OwnerId => Owner ID [OwnerId] (make sure OwnerId is set to Always Update)

4. Click Preview button

5. Click Import X Records button


Did you have the lead id in your xls file, or were you using match conditions as your method instead of key field?


P.S. The reassign module will have the ability to reassign records from a file in version 5.25 of DemandTools V which is set to be released the week of April 3, 2023