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Limit on Data in Bulk API?


I'm working to delete about 1.5 million records or so. While it took me awhile to download what I needed so I could match the file to Salesforce (this is the task object, and we have archived tasks going back to 2012 that we don't need and Pardot has created almost 2 million tasks in the last couple years). Anyway, now that I'm actually trying to delete, I get an error any time I try to delete more than about 502 rows. This is very much not how I wanted to spend my time when trying to delete these records, doing the same operation 3000 times. I'm half tempted to go download data loader, but there's a reason I have DemandTools instead.

Is this something that I can get around in any way? I'm using the Bulk API, so I would think it could handle more than the SOAP API, which I know does 200 through DemandTools.

Thanks for any input or answers.


Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

Hi @RayneJSA, thank you for your post - this is definitely not how we expect the Delete module to function & we apologize for the behavior you are encountering. We do usually recommend the Bulk API option for scenarios working with more than ~1.5 million records so you're making the right choices!

For this particular error, I would highly suggest opening a ticket with our technical support team by navigating here. When you do so, please be sure to include a description of the error being received as well as a copy of your log files from the day you attempted to run this scenarios. These can be located by going to Help > Troubleshooting > App Logs > Download Logs. This information will give our team the necessary items to troubleshoot and find you a solution. Thank you in advance!


Jonathan Greenip
Customer Success Manager


Thank you @JonG_Validity . I will do that.