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Welcome - Introduce Yourself

Hello all, I would like to echo @AnthonyValidity's sentiment in welcoming you all to the DemandTools forum on the Validity Customer Community. If you have not seen it already, our employees are also making their introductory posts here.  We hope that...

Progress bar

HiI've been using Demand Tools for around 9 months now and have quickly become a fan.  I find it an incredibly powerful tool, and I certainly would not be able to do my job without it.I initially used v. 2.91 but have recently upgraded to v 5.22.  It...

Talk about tools . . .

Started using Demand Tools 5 years ago as a non-profit. Moving data and correcting data in Salesforce would not be possible with our staffing level without it.  Keep up the good work!

EKB by Explorer
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How do I reassign ownership based on an xls?

I have an xls that has been reviewed by leadership with lead owner changes.They are well trained so I have the user (ownerID) in the xls.I have tried using both Import/Update as well as reassign. When I use import/update it just doesnt do anything at...

HWhis by Observer
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Resolved! New Training Sessions in DemandTools!

So excited for the new training sessions.  I am planning on attending to better understand the app and cover anything new or missed by me from prior sessions.

LFoster by Contributor
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Are you attending any Salesforce events in 2023??

Good Morning DemandTools Community!  Please let us know if you will be attending any Salesforce events in 2023. Validity sponsors many of them and we’re always on the lookout for great customer speakers to celebrate their success stories. Our next Sa...


Hello, and welcome to the Validity Community Data Solutions forum! My name is Shubhra, and I am one of the Technical support agents for our  Data Products. I am happy to see so many community members.I'm so glad you all are  here and I look forward t...

Longtime Demand Tools user

Hi all - as I mentioned in the subject - have used Demand Tools a number of times over a number of different jobs over the years. I love Demand Tools because of it is power. At one career stop I was able to take all of the states in Salesforce and tu...

Story time -- Data Standardization

What's the weirdest data standardization problem you had to solve with DemandTools, and how did you do it? I am sure that there are some good ones out share.....this is a judgement free zone!


Hello,@Scooch_Validity, @AnthonyValidity can we add polls to the community and vote for ideas?We don't expect all to be implemented at once but it'd give an idea on what we, as users, want.To this end, can we have a link of the community forum to the...