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Match Module Saves the Day!

Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

Story time from this morning! After almost 15 years, I still geek out over DemandTools when I can run a job that saves me tons of time (and makes me look a little bit like a hero! 💃)

People often think that DemandTools is just for Salesforce Admins. While I was a Salesforce Admin in a past life, (which was my first exposure to DemandTools 13+ years ago 🙈) I still use it regularly in my Customer Success Ops role here at Validity thanks to custom roles.

Just this morning I was given a list of Opportunity Ids and was asked to identify associated contacts. In less than 5 minutes, I launched DemandTools, opened Match, set up a quick Match on the Opportunity Contact role matching on Opportunity ID (using the ID Match condition of course!) and voila...a list of all contacts associated to these ops. So easy, so quick, and now I can move on to my next task.  

In the words of our fearless DemandTools CSM leader @ajavalidity #demandtoolsrules !! 






Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

@Ashley_Validity I absolutely love your story. Match is one of those modules that users tend to overlook but it is so powerful in so many ways. Comparing across objects without even needing a file is one of my favorite new features of DemandTools V. Thanks for sharing! And yes, you know I agree that DemandTools certainly does RULE! 😀