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Migration tool for MassEffect


Has anyone heard if a migration tool for MassEffect is on the roadmap?


Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

Hi @jcaglarcan, this is not something that is currently on the DemandTools roadmap. We have made some major improvements to the user experience by expanding Import in DemandTools V to encompass both PeopleImport and MassEffect functionality. As a result, there is significant product differentiation between Validity’s legacy solutions and Demand Tools V. scenarios. Therefore, these scenarios will need to be recreated manually within DemandTools V. We are happy to assist with this if needed - just feel free to post on the community with any questions and another user or Validity team member will be happy to help.

Additionally, we would still love to hear your feedback in regard to this. If you have a moment, I ask that you create a feature request by following the steps outlined here. These feature requests are reviewed directly by our product team.


Jonathan Greenip
Customer Success Manager