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OneDrive issue


We've recently started using OneDrive to save and share our team files.

I have noticed that since we have switched from using mapped Shared Drives on a server, to using OneDrive, that we cannot link Demand Tools to that file if it is currently open, as it shows as being 'in use by another program'.

We are now having to close the fle before we can import it, which is frustrating, as I particularly rely on having the file open in a separate window, so I can cross-reference it and ensure I am mapping the right columns to the correct fields. (Currently I am closing the file, importing it, then re-opening it so I can continue to do this).  I have tried turning off the Auto-Save feature in Excel and also tried the 'Free-up space' option within OneDrive (the latter does work the first time, but once you open it again, the file auto downloads and this problem is immediately back!)

Has anyone else experienced this problem and found a work-around?