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I've been using Demand Tools for around 9 months now and have quickly become a fan.  I find it an incredibly powerful tool, and I certainly would not be able to do my job without it.

I initially used v. 2.91 but have recently upgraded to v 5.22.  It may just be me, but has anyone else noticed that the progress bar when processing imports doesn't seem to work properly?  It seems to show the 'breathing' hexagon for a long time until finally showing 85% then jumping 100%.  Is this a known issue / already being looked into? Personally I preferred the counter with the number of records processed in the old version.


Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

Hello @Matthew_Rushton 

Thank you for your post and for joining the Validity Community!

I will start looking into the behavior you described with the Import progress bar. I just had a couple of follow-up questions.

1. Is it the progress bar when DemandTools V (DTV) finds matches or imports the records into Salesforce?

2. Did you notice this behavior in a version prior to 5.22 or is 5.22 the first version you have used with DTV?



Thanks for coming back to me @DanW_Validity 

In response to question 1, yes, it is both these, although it seems to be worse on the import function than it is on the match.  To give you an idea of the number of records I'm looking at, my datasets are often in the hundreds of thousands.

Question 2, v5.22 is the first version of version 5.xx I have used.  I jumped straight from 2.91 to 5.22 so admittedly I've skipped quite a lot of development steps in Demand Tool's evolution.

Hi @Matthew_Rushton ,

I'm created Ticket #142393 for this inquiry.  Support will be able to help you further.

Anthony Lardiere Jr
Senior Customer Success Manager