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Scheduled Demand Tools V jobs - run as different user


Is there any way for a scheduled job in Demand Tools V to run as a user other than the one who scheduled it?  I am setting up all of the scheduled jobs and I would like it if I could list a special user as the one who is actually running the jobs.  That way, all of our automation would show the same user name, making it easier to identify who/what actually changed the record.  That way, when my name shows as the last person to touch the record, it is because I really went out on the record and made a change.


Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

Hi @droyer ,

Currently there is no way to create scheduled jobs remotely on another users workstation or to have that user run the job on your workstation while you're logged in.  Essentially, that person would have to first initially schedule the job on their workstation and have it on and connected to the internet so that it can process.

You do have the capability to modify already scheduled jobs in the Schedule module.  Also, you could create a virtual machine workstation where all scheduled jobs are processed - maybe even having a non-human Salesforce user as the user processing the jobs.

Anthony Lardiere Jr
Senior Customer Success Manager