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Slowdown or No Dedupe on the Account Object


Has anyone experienced any issues with deduping records in a specific object? More specifically for Accounts.

My team and I have experienced an extreme slowdown of Account dedupe records on both Demandtools (Legacy). If it's slowdown, in most cases, the Account deduping does not complete at all. We did extend amount of testing on our end and we can't locate what the issue is.

We were suggested and urged to use Demandtools V, and which now I'm seeing the same issue. The records are not merging at all in the Account object in Salesforce. However, for Contacts the records are merged just fine in Demandtools (Legacy), and presuming for Demandtools V as well. The behavior is showcasing the same in both Demandtools applications.

Note: We have contacted Salesforce Support and Demandtools Support separately. I'm in current communication of Demandtools Support. I'm seeking to see if anyone else from another org is experience this and seeking for any solutions. Thank you in advance!



DTV users here. We have just VERY recently started seeing this on a custom object dedupe--log files just show "merging started" and then nothing else. I have to restart Demand Tools as it completely freezes the app. 

My colleague experiences the same thing. We're both on version 5.30; however, we have a remote machine still running 5.28 and the dedupes complete to success there. Luckily that's where we have our scheduled runs going, so I'll keep that old version going for now.

Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

Hi @Anne , I am sorry to hear you're experiencing this in version 5.30 of DemandTools. If you haven't already, I would highly suggest creating a support ticket using this link & be sure to include your app logs by navigating to Help > Troubleshooting > App Logs > Download Logs. Our support team will be best suited to review this and provide you with next steps for troubleshooting. Thank you in advance!


Jonathan Greenip
Customer Success Manager