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Use of FieldCopyUnique for Field Rules in Dedupe


For merging records using Dedupe in DemandTools V, I am trying to preserve an alternate mobile number if available. For example, if the mobile number is 999-999-9999 for the winner record and 111-999-9999 for the child record, I want 111-999-9999 to populate in an Alternate Mobile Phone field. I think FieldCopyUnique within Field Rules is designed for this purpose, but cannot find any helpful documentation.

I have tried testing FieldCopyUnique functionality for this purpose by setting the RULE OVERRIDE = FieldCopyUnique for the alternate mobile field I am trying to populate, and VALUE equal to the Mobile Phone field. When trying to merge two records with differing Mobile Phone values, this field rule setup does not carryover the child Mobile Phone value to the Alternate Mobile Phone field.

Any ideas or documentation for how to implement FieldCopyUnique in the correct manner? Thank you for any contributions!




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Have you seen this documentation? Single Table Dedupe - Field Rules 

Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

Hi @mastratt, it sounds like you are configuring it properly in the Field Rules section - I will point out that DemandTools will not overwrite any data that may already exist in the Alternate Phone field if it is already populated, unless you choose FieldCopyUnique Overwrite.

If this still isn't working properly at this time, I would highly suggest opening a support ticket through this link.


Jonathan Greenip
Customer Success Manager