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Welcome - Introduce Yourself

Validity Team

Hello all,

I would like to echo @AnthonyValidity's sentiment in welcoming you all to the DemandTools forum on the Validity Customer Community. If you have not seen it already, our employees are also making their introductory posts here

We hope that you enjoy your visit and are able to learn more from one another and can share your experiences with DemandTools. 

If you would please take a quick moment to introduce who you are, maybe what your role is, how long you have been using our tool(s), and any other information that you would like to share, that will be a great way for us to better get to know one another. Don't be shy, as we call all learn from one another and we all play a role in making the Community be a success. 

Thanks in advance. 



Bonjour Scooch,

Thank you and all at Validity for the invitation to join this community. I think it's a great initiative and happy to be here.

I'm Ian, I work for the European Society of Cardiology (ESC), based in France. The ESC is a membership organisation with over 100,000 members. We run large medical congresses and events as well as many other exciting activties with the mission "to reduce the burden of cardivascular disease".

I look after "Delegate & Member Services", comprising member care, and event registration, billing/subscriptions, as well as (most importantly!) the database team who maintain/enhance the data for delivery and promotion of these activities. It goes without saying that we use the Salesforce ecosystem for all this.

My database team colleagues and I have been using DemandTools for a few years now. It's been  game-changer, allowing us to manipulate data in bulk without having to ask for admin. or developer support.  Whether it's updating addresses for the occasional print mailing, loading bulk membership orders, adding multiple participants to events, tidying lead data, archiving accounts to follow GDPR policy, closing off customer support cases in bulk.. we look to DemandTools.

I look forward to being part of this community.

Vive le DemandTool!

Validity Team

Bon Jour @Ian and thanks for posting....and using labels on your post 😉 Everyone here at Validity is very much behind this initiative and we also look forward to growing this Community with all of you!



Am excited to have more oppurtunity to learn from, and how to use Demand Tools!! 

Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

@LeeB !  So glad you were able to get on!  Welcome 🙂 

Anthony Lardiere Jr
Senior Customer Success Manager


Looking forward to this new tool. I work here in Chicago with Feeding America - been using Demand Tools for about 8 years. Actually completed the Cert program that was once in place, that sure if that is still a thing, but love the hoodie and the Product. Still using "Classic" but slowly attempting new tool. 

Thanks again for great product and not this community!

Validity Team

@Sticks-1956  Thansk for joining the Community....I am hoping that you meant to say "now" in your above post 😉


Long time user here (15+ years and counting) and big fan!  If there's anything I've learned over my career, it's that there is simply no end to the great inventive solutions that others come up with and the helpful tips & tricks that can be picked up along the way.  Looking forward to the community and learning from others here.

Validity Team

@KaraC Thanks for joining the Community, and we are also looking forward to you sharing your tips & tricks with everyone here!



Hoping the community will be good for me to learn Demand Tools. I am used to my old stadbys of Data Loader and Workbench so I have not yet embraced this tool but looking forward to trying to use it more now that there is some community support. 🙂